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manyae 04:27 PM 11-12-2010
Hi all,
What size trowel would you recommend for 12x24 porcelain tile over ditra? I am tiling the kitchen floor. Also, I was originally going to to 1/4 inch grout lines but once I picked up the tile the box listed 3/16 minimun grout line. Should I definitely adhere to that?
Thank you very much!
tileman2000 04:36 PM 11-12-2010
It depends on how uniform your tiles are.If they vary even slightly you want to go with a wider grout joint.

For that size tile I'd go with a 1/2x1/2 trowel.
rudyhesse 06:08 PM 11-12-2010
I would use a half inch as well. Also I would flat trowel the back of the tile.
silvercitytile 06:20 PM 11-12-2010
yup what rudy said
Levi the Tile Guy 06:29 PM 11-12-2010

3/16" is less than 1/4" so you could use either.